Bringing back the

Four Star Theatre

We’re giving our community, Burton Heights, the attention it deserves, and making an impact by creating a world class space. To make this a reality, we need you to join us, as neighbors, advocates and funders.

The Four Star Theatre Vision

World class venue
in Burton heights

Our mission is to rehab the vacant building and convert it to a world class multi-use community arts venue. Our programming will be built on the partnerships we’ve made within the community and we are going to create a space that no performer would say no to due to the design and quality of the building. Simply put, our goal is to create a place that generates activity in this neighborhood and draws people in from outside it. We envision 200 events a year and 50,000 or more people walking through our doors annually – be it a performance showcase for one of the many arts organizations in the region, or a wedding, quinceanera, concert, fundraiser, business expo, or a coat or food drive for neighbors in need.
Make this a reality

Our $5 million goal

To do this right, we need $5 million. Of that, it’s $2.5 to $3.5 million that will be needed for construction. We also want to staff the project accordingly from day 1 and be able support programming as we build out the schedule in the first couple of years, so that is another $1 million. The balance covers design, building acquisition, and the consultants required to get this done.
How we get there

Your support

This is going to take all of us. For the next year, Friends of Four Star Theatre is fighting for and collecting money to make this project a reality. We’re looking for support across the spectrum, and we need your help. Use the links below to find the best ways to help.
A space for the community, the city, and beyond

A cause we can all get behind

The response from community members and businesses to the Theater project has been overwhelmingly positive. We see it in our conversations, our community events, and our early donations. Throughout our social media, neighbors share their favorite memories and future hopes for the theatre. Neighbors know that a project like this can provide a platform to lobby for future neighborhood and community development improvements, such as streetscape beautification and traffic calming measures to create a more pleasant, walkable neighborhood.

Even at the City level, we see encouragement to invest in the area. The first of those was the South Division Area Specific plan, which was meant to encourage investment that builds community identity, unleashes economic opportunity, and increases quality of life. Fresh off of that, the RAPID’s Silverline busses expand our audience and increase mobility for our audience.

Whether it’s individual neighbors, our city, or our local businesses, we’ve seen the energy that the theatre can create.